It has taken some time but The Dark Side of the Moon 8-bit Album is finally out!
I remember having that “what have I talked myself into here” feeling when I started with my version of The great gig in the sky. Adapting a song by Pink Floyd who uses so many layered instruments and effects is quite complicated. Specially when you decide to use just one Game Boy and a Speak and Spell for some extra juice.

I still have to sit down and go through the whole record but while I’m at it, you should too!

Track list:
Speak to Me/Breathe – Bit_Rat
On the Run – EvilWezil
Time – khades
The Great Gig in the Sky – Rabato
Money – sergeeo
Us and Them – Videogame Orchestra
Any Colour You Like – Jason Vincion
Brain Damage – echosignal
Eclipse – Temp Sound Solutions

You can download the whole tribute at Pterodactyl Squad’s site.

Playlist exhibition which was hosted at Laboral Centro de Arte in Gijón on December 2009 has itinerated to Brussels and can be seen now at Imal.

Three of my toy DIY instruments are shown there so if you’re around try not to miss it. Lots of other great chiptune artists take part in it too.

The Bug Crusher photograph was used as the image for promotion in posters, flyers and documentation. It is worth noting that I took the photo too 😀

Summer is almost here again and peoples need to get ready!

I made this LSDJ version of the celebrated classic of Italo Disco to get you in the mood. Hope you  like it.

Pitchfork thinks this is one of the worst record covers ever, I find it pretty classy.

Junto a los amigos de DHML Trio este sábado 15 de Mayo en Roses, Girona a las 19:00h.


Rabato en Phlow


Mi amiguito Sergeeo me ha hecho una entrevista para Phlow!

Si! Pepino vuelve a Barcelona el próximo día 22 de Diciembre. Los padrinos de la Game Boy española volverán a rockear la ciudad junto a una selecta representación de microBCN en una 8-Bit X-mas special .

Será en la sala BeCool a partir de las 21:00h. No se lo puede usted perder, el último concierto de Pepino en Barcelona fue un éxito de crítica y público.

BeCool Club
Pl. Joan Llongueras, 5
08021 BARCELONA (Spain)

Martes 22 Diciembre 2009 | 21:00 | 5€
8 Bit X-mas special

El próximo viernes 18 de Diciembre 2009 se inaugura la exposición Playlist en el Centro de arte Laboral de Gijón.
Se exponen tres juguetes modificados electrónicamente de mi colección particular y participan artistas y creadores de todo el mundo vinculados al Chiptune.
Comisario: Domenico Quaranta
Fecha: 18.12.2009 – 17.05.2010

Mediateca Expandida de LABoral Centro de Arte y Creación

Industrial (Los Prados, 121, 33394 Gijón – Asturias)


Paul B. Davis (UK), Jeff Donaldson / NoteNdo (DE), Dragan Espenschied (DE), Gino Esposto / (CH), Gijs Gieskes (NL), André Gonçalves (PT), Mike Johnston / Mike in Mono (UK), Joey Mariano / Animal Style (US), Raquel Meyers (SP), Mikro Orchestra (PL), Don Miller / No-carrier (US), Jeremiah Johnson / Nullsleep (US), Tristan Perich (US), Rabato (SP), Gebhard Sengmüller (AT), Alexei Shulgin (RU), Paul Slocum (USA), Tonylight (IT), VjVISUALOOP (IT).