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We have been invited to a Game Boy music workshop at LABoral Centro de Arte in Gijón (Asturias.) It will take place July 26th and 27th. Our friends Glomag and Bubblyfish from NY have been kind enough to invite Yes, Robot and myself to give this workshop with them and top it with a live […]

The 8bitpeoples collective has had yet another great idea! A music compilation of Ice Cream truck tunes, in 8 bit. All artists where asked to make a 30 sec music composition that could be looped. The idea was to make a tribute to Ice Cream truck songs with a twist, an 8 bit twist. Results […]

8BIT me


In 2004 a friend showed me Littlesounddj’s site. He said something like “look at this guy, he’s written music software that runs on a Nintendo Game Boy, crazy!” I remember checking the site and thinking “what the fuck is all this?” As I had never seen a tracker before, I couldn’t figure what all those […]

Here’s the reason why I started this wordpress weblog. My good friend Karawapo cares about me and tells me my site is shit and I should do something about it. “pd: por cierto, rabito, un par de consejos rápidos para que google y demás lectores handicapados entiendan un poco más tu web. PS: By the […]