The IT Crowd


I recently discovered The IT Crowd through my good friend Damian. I love the show, just love it! But what really got me from the beginning was the opening song. A short minute of pure synthpop love.

So obsessed had I become with it I decided to give it a go with my Game Boy and LSDJ. First I transcribed the music but the sound wasn’t very good. The great Alex Martin, a legend in electronic music from Barcelona gave me some tips.

Far from finished, The IT Crowd Game Boy version.

Check out Alex’s version on Youtube!


4 Responses to “The IT Crowd”

  1. That’s beautiful. I don’t know why but everybody else seems to get better sound out of their gameboy than i can. I’ve tracked dozens of pop and classic rock covers on lsdj but i’m always blown away when i hear other people’s stuff. Woulda liked to make it to Blipfest this year but alas i’m too poor even to get a ride from Montreal to New York. Well…”*Sigh*.Maybe next year.” just as i said last year, i guess…

  2. 2 rabatomusic

    You just keep trying and asking people how they do it 🙂

  3. 3 firebrandboy

    rabato! could you re-upload this or send it to me? the it crowd is one of my favourite pogrammes. i’d really like to hear it!

  4. 4 rabatomusic

    I guess I’ll have to record that again, got lost in the old server 😦

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