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On November 14th Jordi (VCFool) from Yes Robot and myself started doing auditions for kids age 8 to 15 at Fundació Miró in Barcelona. The porpuse of these auditions is to explain what Gameboy Music and the Micromusic movement is. Last Friday it got a bit crazy. About one hundred kids aged 10 ended up […]

About a year ago I found schematics to a rate reducer device called Bug Crusher on BugBrand’s site. I never quite finished the project since I am pretty bad concerning electronics and never got it to work. I finally took it to the doc, gameboy musician VCfool from Yes Robot who pointed out a few […]

Here’s the reason why I started this wordpress weblog. My good friend Karawapo cares about me and tells me my site is shit and I should do something about it. “pd: por cierto, rabito, un par de consejos rápidos para que google y demás lectores handicapados entiendan un poco más tu web. PS: By the […]