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On November 14th Jordi (VCFool) from Yes Robot and myself started doing auditions for kids age 8 to 15 at Fundació Miró in Barcelona. The porpuse of these auditions is to explain what Gameboy Music and the Micromusic movement is. Last Friday it got a bit crazy. About one hundred kids aged 10 ended up […]

About a year ago I found schematics to a rate reducer device called Bug Crusher on BugBrand’s site. I never quite finished the project since I am pretty bad concerning electronics and never got it to work. I finally took it to the doc, gameboy musician VCfool from Yes Robot who pointed out a few […]

YesRobot and myself Rabato have been invited to a live show at La Casa Encendida in Madrid where we’ll take part in the exhibition “Try Again.” We hope to see our friends from Madrid for some bleeps and blops aswell as some after gig partying! Thursday, April 10th at 22:00h YesRobot live. Friday, April 11th […]

microBCN, an 8BIT collective I am proud to be part of and founder among other artists from Barcelona was featured in the culture section of La Vanguardia. We’re pretty happy with the interview. I’d like to thank Xavier Aldekoa for his interest in our project.   You can read the text (in spanish) here. Photo […]

Here are some photos from the trip to Gijón. It was great to see our friends from New York, we had a lot of fun. More photos by VCFool in his Web Log.

We have been invited to a Game Boy music workshop at LABoral Centro de Arte in Gijón (Asturias.) It will take place July 26th and 27th. Our friends Glomag and Bubblyfish from NY have been kind enough to invite Yes, Robot and myself to give this workshop with them and top it with a live […]

The 8bitpeoples collective has had yet another great idea! A music compilation of Ice Cream truck tunes, in 8 bit. All artists where asked to make a 30 sec music composition that could be looped. The idea was to make a tribute to Ice Cream truck songs with a twist, an 8 bit twist. Results […]